For applications where the toxicity of Cd based Quantum Dots (QDs) limits their use, NanoOptical Materials offers Cd Free Quantum Dots having fluorescent emission over a wide range of visible and near infrared wavelengths, 520nm to 760nm.

For the visible emission region of the spectrum, we provide InP/ZnSe/ZnS core/shell QDs emitting at wavelengths over the range of  520 to 640 nm, selectable at 20 nm intervals.  These QDs have high quantum yields (brightness) and bandwidths in the range of 40 to 60 nm, slightly larger than Cd based QDs.

For the spectral region of 660 to 760 nm (selectable at 20 nm intervals), we provide CuInZnS/ZnS core/shell QDs.  CuInZnS/ZnS QDs have larger FWHM bandwidths (95 to 125 nm) and Quantum Yields from 40% to 70%.

Both organic soluble and water soluble forms may be purchased.  Please follow the links below to order as well to see specifications and spectra.

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