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NanoOptical Materials Inc

Thank you for visiting our website. We produce Quantum Dots (fluorescent nanocrystals) for a wide variety of optical applications. We maintain an inventory of high quality of Cadmium based, Lead based, and Cadmium free (non-toxic) Quantum Dots that fluoresce over a wide range of visible and near infrared wavelengths (400 nm to 1000 nm).  Quantum Dots within this range are available with center wavelengths at 20 nm intervals.  Tuning of fluorescent wavelengths is done via variation of Quantum Dot size and chemical composition.  All our Quantum Dots are coated with a a protective shell to enhance fluorescence intensity and to promote chemical stability.  Surfactant coatings are used to produce Quantum Dots that can be dispersed in either organic solvents  or in water. All our water soluble Quantum Dots are coated with surfactants having one of three different end functional groups (acid, amine, or diol) to give users a choice of chemistries that can be used to attach Quantum Dots to surfaces and molecules as well as to impart chemical stability.

 We have a history of working with a customers to meet their special needs and welcome Custom Orders and requests for variations in solvent and dispersion concentrations. We are capable of adapting our processes to special needs, large volumes, and  new developments in Quantum Dot technology.  Please feel free to Contact us  for technical questions and consultations.




Cadmium Based Quantum Dots

CdS/ZnS CdSSe/ZnS, CdSe/ZnS, CdTe/ZnS, CdSeTe/ZnS

420 to 880 nm, visible to near infrared

Lead Based Quantum Dots

PbS/CdS, 700 nm to 900 nm, near infrared

Cadmium Free Quantum Dots

CuInZnS/ZnS, 540 to 660 nm, visible

Special Needs

If our large inventory of quantum dots does not meet your needs, please Contact Us.  We frequently consult and work with customers to provide them with custom solutions to their technical problems.

424 262-4666




Quantum Dot Surface Coatings

Applications A popular application of Quantum Dots (QDs) is the coating of a thin layer of QDs over a surface to obtain surface luminescence at a specific wavelength or combination of wavelengths. When... READ MORE