Water soluble Quantum Dots (QDs) are especially useful for biolabeling applications and for other uses that require stable dispersion of these fluorescent nanocrystals in aqueous solutions. Our water soluble QDs are compact, coated with a monolayer of tightly bound hydrophilic surfactant on their outer surfaces.  These surfactant coatings  allow the QDs to acquire a hydration shell that prevents aggregation and promotes dispersion. Nanooptical Materials offers compact water soluble QDs coated with a choice of three different hydrophilic surfactants, each having a different terminal function group to allow different conjugation chemistries to be used for attachment of the QDs to biomolecules to create fluorescent probes and to label surfaces.  The choices of end functional groups include carboxylic acids, primary amines, and diols (hydroxyl groups on adjacent carbon atoms).

All of our wide range of organic soluble Quantum Dots are available in water soluble forms, including our Cd free non toxic CuInZnS/ZnS QDs.  These products are cataloged and linked to more detailed descriptions below.