Product Name: Near Infrared Water Soluble PbS/CdS core shell quantum dots, 900 nm


Chemical Composition
Surfactant coating – Acid
Thiol w/ carboxylic acid end group
Surfactant coating – Amine
Thiol w/ primary amine end group
Surfactant coating – Diol
Thiol with 2 adjacent hydroxyl end group
Diameter of core
3.8 nm
Diameter of core plus shell
4.5 nm
Fluorescent Emission Peak
900 nm ±10 nm
Emission Peak Width (FWHM)
120 nm
Absorption coefficient at first exciton peak
6.9 x 105 Liters/mole-cm
Shelf life ≥1 yr if stored in dark between -15 and 8˚C