NanoOptical Materials offers Cd Free Quaternary Quantum Dots  (Q-QDs) composed of CuInZnS cores surrounded by a shell of ZnS.  Quantum Dots (QDs) are nearly ideal luminescent materials because of their high brightness, strong optical absorbance over a wide excitation wavelength range, photostability and narrow emission spectra.  These nanomaterials are finding a wide range of applications. However the toxicity of Cd based QDs limits their use in a number of applications such as in vivo diagnostics, product packaging, and consumer products.

High quality Cd Free CuInZnS/ZnS core/shell QDs are available over the wavelength range of 540 nm to 720 nm, starting at $145.  Both organic soluble and water soluble forms may be purchased.  Follow the links below to obtain more information and to order.