Our improved PbS/CdS Near infrared (NIR) Quantum Dots range in narrow band fluorescent emission wavelengths from 900 nm to 1000 nm. These core/shell Quantum Dots have higher quantum yields (are brighter) and have greater wavelength stability relative to the core only PbS quantum dots that are commercially available.  These core/shell quantum dots are surface coated with organic surfactants that make them lipophilic and soluble in organic solvents such as toluene, chloroform, and heptane. All emission center wavelengths in the range of 900 nm to 1000 nm, ±10 nm, are available from inventory. These QDs extend the long wavelength  range of near infrared fluorescence out to 1000 nm. Use the link below to order or see additional details. Organic Soluble PbS/CdS Longer NIR QDs