Ranging in narrow band fluorescent emission wavelengths from 700 nm – 1000 nm, NOM  Near Infrared (NIR) quantum dots are either  highly luminescent CdSeTe/ZnS core/shell complexes (emission range 700 nm to 880 nm) or improved PbS/CdS Near infrared (NIR) Quantum Dots that  have fluorescent emission wavelengths from 900 nm to 1000 nm. These QDs provide higher levels of photoluminescence and stability when compared to core only complexes.

All of the near infrared (NIR) QDs are available in a choice of organic soluble or water soluble form.  The organic soluble NIR quantum dots are surface coated with surfactants that make them lipophilic and soluble in solvents such as toluene, chloroform, and hexane.

The water soluble  NIR QDs  are surface coated with hydrophilic surfactants that make them water soluble.  The water soluble quantum dots can be ordered with surfactant coatings that have a terminal group that is either a carboxylic acid, a primary amine, or a diol (two adjacent hydroxyl groups). These groups allow covalent linking to a wide range of (bio)molecules.

Use the links below to order or to see additional details for QDs of interest.

Organic Soluble CdSeTe/ZnS Near Infrared Quantum Dots

Water Soluble CdSeTe/ZnS Near Infrared Quantum Dots with      Acid Coating           Amine Coating           Diol Coating

Organic Soluble PbS/CdS Longer Near Infrared Quantum Dots

Water Soluble PbS/CdS Longer Near Infrared  Quantum Dots with Acid Coating           Amine Coating           Diol Coating