p style=”text-align: center;”>Product Name: Visible Organic Soluble CuInZnS/ZnS core shell quantum dots, 760 nm

Chemical Composition CuInZnS/ZnS
 Surfactant coating  Oleylamine
Solvent Toluene containing ≤1% surfactant
Diameter of core  7.5 nm
 Diameter of core plus shell 9.7 nm
 Fluorescent Emission Peak 760 nm ±10 nm
 Emission Peak Width (FWHM)  157 nm
Quantum Yield 46%
 Absorption coefficient at 400 nm 4.5 x 106 Liters/mole-cm
Molecular Weight 1.24 x 106 g/mole
Shelf life ≥1 yr if stored in dark between -15 and 8˚C