Reduced Prices-Water Soluble Quantum Dots

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Our Prices for all our water soluble QDs. now start at $299 for 10 mg (≥ 10 nmoles) The reduced prices are due to the development of improved hydrophilic surface coatings and lower labor costs.   See our PRODUCT CATALOG items for details on the water soluble forms of our Cadmium Based QDs, Lead Based QDs, and Cadmium Free QDs.

All our water soluble QDs are available with a choice of three different hydrophilic coatings.  Coatings have an end chemical group that is either a carboxylic acid, a primary amine or a diol (two adjacent hydroxy groups). These different coatings enable different applications.  For example, they allow attachment of biomolecules to the QDs. The near infrared QDs are especially useful for in vivo imaging.

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